Q-SYS sorgt für High-Tech im New World Center in Miami

Miami, FL (July 2011) – The New World Center, the iconic 100,000 square foot new home of Miami’s New World Symphony is designed to be the most technologically advanced concert hall in North America. The $160 million complex, collaboration between Architect Frank Gehry and Orchestral Director Michael Tilton Thomas, is a showcase of the utmost advancements in digital technology – from the sharpest HD cameras to the most powerful video projectors to the massive sound system, much of which is networked together via QSC’s Q-Sys integrated system platform.

A two-year undertaking, Pro Sound and Video implemented all of the audio systems for the complex, including the main concert hall, the recording studios there, and the entire park system outside. The park, a joint venture between the New World Center and the City of Miami Beach, features more than 160 speakers throughout and is meant to simulate the experience inside, with live concerts projected in high definition onto a massive exterior wall to crowds gathered in the park. Both inside and outside the new complex, there were very high goals for the sound quality and the challenge of keeping a balance between aesthetics and technology.

“Our directive when we were engineering the audio system at the New World Center is that everything that we specified had to be absolutely the best, the latest and most technologically advanced products, “ says Brad Gallagher, Managing Engineer at Pro Sound and Video. “Knowing these aspirations we knew that QSC was the right choice as the system is very network centric, and has a great capacity and expandability into the future. “

Q-Sys was implemented at the New World Center for a combination of paging and handling background music for the facility. The system features a Core 1000 and 10 page stations in the entire primary A/V and engineering areas, such as the control rooms, stage manager positions and orchestral manager positions.

“As this is a symphony hall, a lot of what the engineers are doing happens in recording studios throughout the complex, in addition to front of house,”, says Gallagher. “As everything at the New World Center is networked on their LAN system, Q-Sys makes it very quick and easy for any of the engineers to access information from any computer in the complex.”

Even during the initial two-year period that it took to commission the audio system at the New World Center, the system had already begun its expansion.

“QSC has given us excellent customer support during the two-year timeline since we started this project,” adds Gallagher. “We started implementing the system, while it was still in beta, as part of the Symphony’s request for the newest technology. When we ran into some minor challenges, we had a group of engineers on the phone immediately and a new QSYS Core on the doorstep the next day”

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